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JaNeal M. Bartlett
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Tumblrweed Town, South West United States.

Need to ask me a question:

Art Tumblr:

Inspiration Tumblr:

My Etsy (for prints and the like)…




When Commissions are Open, Here is the Information:…
Commissions: CLOSED

Portrait commissions: This is one character, with the oval and banner that I put at the bottom. If you don't want a banner and would rather have what I call 'detail work' instead, then the price goes up. Detail work is like adding flowers or little trinkets to make the oval look less plain. I will add to the price if the detail work is very complicated.

Bust: Head and Shoulders. Half Body: Torso Up. Full body: The toesies all the way up to the cranium.

Line work: This is just the line work, no color, no shading, just white background and black lines. Price may go up if the line work is more detailed or complicated.

Bust: $7.00 +4.00 for extra character/per character +$4.00 for detail work

Half Body: $10.00 +5.00 for extra character/per character +$4.00 for detail work

Full Body: $12.00 +7.00 for extra character/per character +$4.00 for detail work
Examples: Birds by whiteappleartist

Grayscale: This is the line work plus flat color with cell shading and a bit of softening, but no color what so ever.

Bust: $14.00 +$6.00 for extra character/per character +$6.00 for detail work

Half Body: $16.00 +$8.00 for extra character/per character +$6.00 for detail work

Full Body:  $18.00 +$10.00 for extra character/per character +$6.00 for detail work

Color: A full portrait basically. I do line work, shading and color. You get the full deal.

Bust: $20.00 +$10.00 for extra character/per character +$10.00 for detail work
Example: Portrait-of-a-Deer by whiteappleartist Harry Potter by whiteappleartist

Half Body: $30.00 +$15.00 for extra character/per character +$10.00 for detail work
Example: Girl with the Parasol by whiteappleartist

Full Body $40.00 +$22.00 for extra character/per character +$10.00 for detail work
Examples: Draco Malfoy by whiteappleartist

Character Sheet: Mostly, this is because I need the practice. But this is one character:  Full body Side View, Full body from the front.
All of these commissions are One Character, Full Body.

Extras: Face Expressions, weapon feature/detail, Other poses/body veiws, and anything you think needs a feature or is vital to your character such as props. All these are subject to change. The price below is the basic price but could go up or down depending. Weapons features will cost more just because they are harder for me to draw.

Line Work: $15.00 +$5.00 face expression/per expression +$10.00other poses/views +$8.00 weapon feature/detail

Grayscale: $30.00 +$7.00 face expression/per expression +$20.00other poses/views +$15.00 weapon feature/detail

Color: $60.00 +$10.00 face expression/per expression +$30.00other poses/views +$20.00 weapon feature/detail
Example: THG Finnick Odair by whiteappleartist

Full Illustrations Commissions: These are much different. And these are expensive. I spend A LOT of time on these. But these have fully developed character as well as a full background. I usually paint these entirely without line work, but if you would prefer line work let me know. If you would like one of these, message me and we'll talk prices. Forewarning, these START at $150.00.

Examples: HP7 by whiteappleartist

These prices depend on the amount of time I take. These are 'college student' prices though. I feel  I should warn you all that once I graduate and have to support myself with my art more, all of these prices will be going up.

To snag a slot I need a few things before I will commit to a commission.

1. The exact commission package that you want. I'm not holding a slot for someone if they can't decide which commission package they want. I do this because the harder the commissions, the less I will take. If I get all line work commissions than I can do ten in a week instead if I get all full color I might get one or two done in a week.

2. An idea. A paragraph or two will be enough, but I will take as much information you give me. I just need to know what you would like.

3. References. I'm a pathetically bad artist without them. If there is something very specific you want such as a certain pose or a very specific item of clothing or a very certain hair style  me the reference, otherwise i will find my own.

4. Half the payment. I'll give you a day leeway on this because I understand money is always a bit more complicated, but if I don't have the first half of the payment after twenty four hours I  drop your commission and open your slot to whoever was next in line.  After payment I'll send a rough sketch for 'okaying.' I require the second half of the payment before I will send the final product.

Last Notes:

I don't do requests. not even for my family have i done requests. Please don't ask me for a request because I will ignore the message or just say no. People get mad at me all the time because they ask for a request and I always tell them no. I know other artists view this differently and I respect that, but FOR ME and TO ME art is valuable and requires compensation.  

Please understand that I am in college and that sometime these commissions will take longer than planned. I am so sorry if I get caught up and don't finish your commissions for weeks. That is my fault. I ask that you please just be as understanding as possible.

Payments need to be sent through PayPal. Please, oh please leave your username in the little note box so I know who has paid and who hasn't. Also, I'm not a Paypal scammer and have rolled the fee charges into the commission cost already, so please mark 'goods or services.'

Thank you all! :D

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